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Feature - Edgardo Escobar's MT2 Ford Focus

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One of the great things about the MT2 concept is that it would allow current model small-dispacement cars to compete in club racing events, in modified form. The SCCA offers Showroom Stock B and C for unmodified small cars, and the Touring classes for higher-end models but allows no opportunity for popular compacts to race with bolt-on improvements.

Edgardo Escobar shows what MT2 might look like with his ST-5 class Focus, built to compete in events sanctioned by the Club de Corredores de Circuito de Puerto Rico (CCCPR). While not built to the limit of the MT2 rules, Edgardo's car certainly looks "right" and is awaiting only the final graphics, ECU programming, and dyno testing before it is ready for the track.

Edgardo can be reached by email at meesco@caribe.net if you want to learn more about his project or racing in the Caribbean Islands.


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