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IT2 and MT2
Two Steps Toward a Brighter Future for Touring Car Racing in the US!

IT2 - Improved Touring 2 MT2 - Modified Touring 2
Purpose - Limited modifications suitable for racing competition are allowed in Improved Touring 2 (or IT2). Additional modifications are allowed in Modified Touring 2 (or MT2), to raise both the on-track performance level and engineering demands placed on the entrant. Together, these classes are intended to offer the amateur racing driver sequential steps that progress logically from an entry level, towards professional touring car series such as SCCA® Pro World Challenge Touring.
IT2 Highlights MT2 Highlights

14x7" wheels
Stock brakes, no ABS
Stock cam
Compromise spring, shock and strut design
Stock bodywork

Reasonably economical
Minimal engineering required
The beginning

Up to 17x7" wheels
ABS or up to 12" rotors w/4-piston calipers
Aftermarket cam
Threaded-body remote reservoir coilovers
Wings and mild body kits
Less economical
More latitude for engineering creativity
Faster fun!
The next step

Make and Model Eligibility - The same cars are eligible for both IT2 and MT2 and include some of the most popular models in the US today. They are all four-cylinder, normally-aspirated, sport compacts, not older than the 1990 model (or its identical equivalent, if an earlier year). They came from the factory with quoted power between 120 and 150hp and with a approximate curb weights of 2200 to 2800 pounds, and are the backbone of a booming performance enthusiast market. As a general rule, "sports" or "GT" cars - those without back seats - are not be eligible for either class. Cars must be models as offered for sale in the United States only (no European- or Asian-spec models, for instance), and need not be eligible for state license or registration.

IT2 Preparation Rules MT2 Preparation Rules

SCCA® Improved Touring rules
Misclassed ITA & ITS cars plus others not in IT
Cars more than 5 model years old
Rules published in the SCCA® GCR and ITCS
No modifications beyond IT rules allowed
Cars may be uprated to MT2

An addendum, based on SCCA® Improved Touring
All of the same makes and models as IT2
Cars as new as the current model year
Rules available here, in .pdf format
Additional bolt-on modifications are allowed
Cars may be converted back to IT2 specs
Race Weights - Both IT2 and MT2 incorporate a specification and performance-leveling process that considers the physical attributes of each make and model, in an effort to equalize performance potential to the greatest practical extent. The primary feature of this process is a statistics-based race weight formula that considers engine type and stock power rating. Similar to Improved Touring, entrants shall not be guaranteed the competitiveness of any car - though every effort will be made to offer reasonable competitiveness of every type of car through application of the race weight formula, there is no provision for individual model competition adjustments in either of these classes.
Preparation - Unless otherwise specified by the rules, both IT2 and MT2 cars will be prepared to manufacturer’s specifications. Other than as provided for specifically by the rules, no component or part normally found on a stock example of a given vehicle may be disabled, altered, or removed for the purpose of obtaining any competitive advantage or any other reason.
IT2 - Getting Started MT2 - Moving Upward

You can earn IT2 Jump Start points in existing SCCA® IT or other classes for 2003 - register here

Start running SCCA® regionals in ITE or SPU next season (depending on regional rule variations)
Make it Happen - Racing organizations may adopt, at a local or regional level, either IT2 or MT2 - or both - as is appropriate to the competition interests and capacity of the group. IT2 Initiative members can assist individuals or groups interested in making this happen - contact Kirk Knestis for additional information or help.
This is a participant-based initiative, intended to demonstrate the interest in and potential of these touring car classes, and is currently not endorsed by the SCCA®, any of its regions, or any other race sanctioning organization.


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