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13 May - The SCCA has tentatively reclassified a number of IT2 cars into Improved Touring A. Click for more information!

IT2 News - 13 May
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The Problem

The classification of post-1990, four-cylinder, compact cars in the Sports Car Club of America® Improved Touring category (SCCA® IT) has left them generally uncompetitive. These cars range in manufacturer's quoted power from 120-150hp and are delivered with a stock curb weight between 2200 and 2800 pounds. They are all fitted with five-speed transmissions, front disc brakes, front wheel drive, and computer-controlled fuel injection systems.

Typically listed in ITS - a class dominated by sports sedan and GT cars costing dramatically more to purchase and prepare - these cars are predestined to be uncompetitive, so their motorsports potential will otherwise go unrealized in the SCCA®. This would be unfortunate, because these cars also make up a huge proportion of the vehicles sold since 1990, and form the basis of a growing performance enthusiast market so performance parts for them are common. Due to their economy and popularity with young drivers, these cars will be increasingly available in coming years, as used-up, damaged or theft-recovered vehicles.

A Solution

SCCA® policy expressly prohibits "competition adjustments" of IT cars - changing specifications for classified cars to improve their on-track potential - and the downward reclassification of these cars is resisted by those interested in maintaining the status quo in ITA. Given this, the only action likely to solve the problem is the creation of new classes - IT2 and MT2.

Both of these classes incorporate a specification process that considers the physical attributes of each make and model, in an effort to equalize performance potential to the greatest practical extent. This philosophy is completely new to Improved Touring but with this exception, the rules structure for IT2 will be effectively identical to that of the existing IT classes. MT2 (for "Modified Touring 2") extends the IT rules by allowing bolt-on modifications like those popular with the street performance market, making for shorter lap times and additional engineering challenges. A complete comparison of IT2 and MT2 can be found here.

This is a participant initiative, intended to demonstrate the interest in and potential of these classes and is not endorsed by the SCCA® or any of its regions. As this effort progresses, this site will act as a clearinghouse for information and will provide an opportunity for those interested in promoting the competition use of these cars to communicate with like-minded enthusiasts. Features already in place or under development include...

Links to sites of racers running IT2-type cars
Recognition of drivers of IT2 and MT2 cars, including news and pictures
A forum for conversations about rules and other issues about these classes

A formula-based weight calculator to establish performance-leveled race weights


Getting Started - Making IT2 and MT2 a Reality

1. Register Your Car

Complete the online driver registration form - This makes you eligible for Jump Start points and allows us to recognize your efforts. A database of results, car specifications and technical information will help secure the future of IT2 and MT2.

Put IT2 stickers on your car - Contact us to find out your closest source (MT2 panels are not yet available).

Submit a digital photo of your car - This is the final step in the registration process, making you an official entrant.

2. Create a Jump Start Program in your Area

Designate a Regional Administrator (RA) for your local IT2 or MT2 effort - Elect one or volunteer yourself. You may organize a regional Jump Start program with as few as one car. The RA is listed on the IT2 site as a local contact for interested racers, coordinates IT2 Initiative promotion in her or his region, and is submits race results for points keeping.

Run races as you otherwise would and earn IT2 or MT2 points - Run in your existing race group, and points are awarded depending on the finishing order of Jump Start drivers. Many IT2 cars are already listed in ITS or ITA and may run there. Those that are not may run in ITE or similar classes, as may MT2 cars.

3. Work to Make IT2 and/or MT2 a Class in Your Racing Organization

Rules allow SCCA® and NASA® regions to designate classes for their club racing programs. Many classes (including those in the IT category) started life in individual regions. If you want assistance to work toward this end, are interested in being your region's RA, or have any comments or suggestions, please contact Kirk Knestis by email.


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